Promoters of SecureKeys Consulting have stint with top notch IT companies of India. During their professional progression, they have learned and adopted best industry practices. One of them is “Being a Consultant to Customer”. We work very closely with customer and become an integral part of the organization. As part of our agreement, we keep customer’s interest at the heart. Customers put their full trust in us and we strive to meet or exceed their expectation.

We believe in delighting the customer. The best approach of delighting the customer is to give the solution which gives value for money. We prepare solution for the customers keeping exact requirements and future expansion in view.

We also work with bigger consulting organizations. During such engagements, we align our policies and approaches to those of principal consulting organization. We create a seamless and continuous environment for their customers.

We follow the pre-defined work ethics while dealing with our customers, subordinates, principals and business associates. Most of our consultants are holding industry certifications like CISSP, CISA, CEH etc.. These certifying bodies have already laid down the standards of ethics. All certificate holders are bound with respective ethics laid out.

During our engagements with customers, we come to across many confidential and proprietary information about the organizations. To ensure our customers against disclosure of such information, we enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our customers.

We believe that commitment to work ethics helps organizations to grow stronger to survive for a longer period.

During our long professional careers, while dealing with various technologies and customers, we have gained considerable knowledge. Further more, we have come across many trainings, seminars and workshops organized by our employers, manufacturers, business partners, Industry bodies etc.. Each of such event increases the knowledgebase.

We have subscribed to various magazines and periodicals. We are also affiliated with some industry bodies. They regularly push technical and managerial knowledge and information to us.

We have created a repository of the knowledge bases in electronics format. Our consultants access the same regularly as and when needed. Further more, we have distributed the ownership of information, domain-wise, to few senior persons who are primarily responsible to their respective domains. Seniors are always available to other consultants to guide or clarify the issues using the knowledge base.

Security field is developing quite fast, just like basic IT Industry. Many tools and technologies are released by vendors as well as Open Source Consortium. We at SecureKeys believe in leading the learning curve which helps our customers in getting the latest and the best of security solution. We have established a lab to test security and audit related tools. We test both, open source as well as commercial tools, for their efficiency and adaptability. When we find something worth while to be kept in our arsenal, we procure them.

Ultimately, customer is benefitted because we use multiple tools for any activity. This reduces the occurrences of False Positives and False Negatives.

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